Who We Are

Inspire Child Care is located at the back of Inspire Church, 1A Spire Court, Hoxton Park NSW 2171.

A sound educational program is in place that allows for all children to develop not only their interests but our programs at Inspire Child Care allows for all children to acquire a range of skills, concepts and knowledge which forms a foundation to ensure that all children grow, learn and develop into confident learners.

At Inspire Child Care centre, open communication is an important part of our centre culture, and we encourage families to celebrate various special events at the centre, and to feel welcome to be involved with the service at any time. 


Our Philosophy

  • Inspire Child Care will ensure children’s social and educational needs are enhanced using a variety of experiences.

  • Our Inspire Child Care centre will offer a safe, secure environment where your child’s happiness is paramount.

  • Inspire Child Care will provide an environment where your family’s needs are valued. This includes encouraging social development, cultural development, communication and security.

  • The Centre will provide quality trained educators who are continually participating in professional development.

  • Educators will provide open feedback on your child’s development, encouraging a trusting relationship for both children and parents.

  • Our Centre strives to integrate with the community through building positive relationships and meeting the needs of the local community.


Educator Qualifications

At our Inspire Child Care centre we have highly qualified educators with extensive experience and specialised skills.

We aim for our Centre to be unique. All our educators have both training and experience in the child care profession. For further details on the qualifications of our educators, please see our Director. We value and support further training and development to ensure we are meeting current regulations and practices